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Wonder Woman 1984 results explained

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently running in Indian theaters. Directed by Grandma Jenkins brings back the footsteps in the role of the Amazon superhero. Set in the 1980s, the DC movie inspires Diana of Calcutta against Kristen Week’s Cheetah and Pascal’s Maxwell Lord.

Although critics say it is nowhere near the original 2017 film, the film has mostly received positive reviews.

Wonder Woman What happens at the end of 1984? (Spoilers Ahead)

In the 1980s, Diana worked as a senior anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution, where she met Barbara Ann Minerva (Week), an insecure woman who wanted to be as powerful, confident, and stylish as Diana.

Call Godot in Wonder Woman 1984. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Pascal’s Maxwell is a businessman who loves Dreamstone and begins the film’s main conflict with Macbeth. Dreamstone brings Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back into Diana’s life, turning Minerva into a cheetah. It offers options, but withdraws the important one. When Diana retrieves Steve, her powers begin to fade. Minerva may have become powerful, but now she is in pure rage.

Maxwell finally gets Dreamstone and starts offering options himself. He too becomes an influential entrepreneur, but begins to age and die. He confronts this by absorbing the life force of others. Barbara and Maxwell are marching because he loves his new powers so much and does not want to harm Diana Maxwell.

Diana (later more) defeated Cheetah wearing the Golden Eagle Armor of the famous Amazonian warrior Astoria. Diana confronts Maxwell, who uses a brand new broadcasting method to greet the whole world. He accidentally gives the United States more nuclear weapons and threatens a nuclear assassination (perhaps the only fit for the Cold War system). Diana uses the Law of Truth to persuade everyone in the world to give up their options in order to undo the damage caused by Maxwell. Barbara also loses her powers.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Mid Credit Scene

In a mid-credit scene after the movie, a mysterious woman saves people from being beaten under a pole. She looks like Wonder Woman. But he was actually Astoria, the famous Amazon warrior, who first wore the Golden Eagle armor that Diana wore in the final act of the film.

Kristen Wyck, Wonder Woman 1984 Kristen Wyke in Wonder Woman 1984. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Also, the actor who appears to be Astoria is actually Linda Carter, who wrote the character of Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series.

Wonder Woman was released in India on December 24, 1984.