What else the Royals said after losing to the Red Sox 10-6

The Royals lost to the Boston Red Sox 10-6 on Monday at Fenway Park, squandering an early lead.

Ned Yost

On Jason Hammel

(Boston starter Eduardo) Rodriguez, even from the first inning, he was struggling with his command. We took a little bit of advantage of it with some good at-bats and scored three runs. I thought Jason’s first couple innings were good but then started to fight it himself a little bit in the third.


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The grand slam (by Xander Bogaerts) was a pitch that was up and in, which I don’t think he was trying to go there. He was just battling command a little bit.

The just-missed pitch that walked in a run?

I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell from this dugout a little bit. I don’t think Rodriguez was missing by much either. It was just one of those nights.

Offense coming alive

We’ve been getting some hits with runners in scoring position. Took advantage of some wildness in the first inning, scored three runs. Brought it back within one there after they scored their five.

We battled back and scored two to keep us in the game.


Royals manager Ned Yost discusses Jason Hammel‘s struggles with command in a 10-6 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Monday, April 30, 2018, at Fenway Park. Maria Torres

Jason Hammel

Missing a little bit on 3-2?

Honestly, they put some really good at-bats together there, stretched the pitch count there, Xander put a good swing on a pitch. It wasn’t a very well-executed pitch, but I wasn’t getting very many swings on the slider, which was surprising. Any time you can get four runs on one swing, you can do some damage. That’s was pretty much the story.

Moreland pitch?

I asked (home plate umpire CB Bucknor) and he said it was just down. In that situation, I feel pretty comfortable with that. Just couldn’t quite get there.

Scott Barlow

How‘d it feel to get the call?

I got to warm up in Kansas City. My heart was pounding then. But being at Boston and at Fenway, your heart is coming out of your chest.

Who was here?

My wife and my mom and my mom’s boyfriend. And my brother, who is a big Red Sox fan.

How‘d you feel on the mound? (He struck out the first batter he faced.)

Nervous, but in a good way. Tim Hill told me, “You’re going to be amped up but use it your advantage.” I took that to heart.