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Versatile director Michael Abbott, best known for the ‘Up’ series, has died at the age of 79

“The biggest social revolution of my life, growing up in the UK, was the change in the role of women in society,” she said. “We do not have civil rights and Vietnam in the UK, but I think the particular social revolution is the biggest thing, I missed it because there are not enough women. I do not have enough women. No. “

He continued: Looking at everything from “Agatha” to “Coal Mine Daughter”, “Paddy” and “Continental Divide”, they all have a role to play in society and what should women do to get a role? The community, or the choices women need to stay in the community or to have a voice in the community, in direct and bizarre ways. It has always interested me. That, I think, develops from a feeling I missed a bit. ”

Michael David Abbott was born on February 10, 1941 in Ilesbury, central England, growing up near London. His father, Ronald, worked for an insurance company, and his mother, Francis, was a “kind of dyed wool socialist” who developed a liberal outlook, he told Progressives in 2013.

He attended the prestigious City of London School from the age of 10, traveled underground to the city, and later studied history and law at the University of Cambridge. Among his friends there was his classmate John Cleese, who was later a member of the Monty Python group. He landed on a training program in Granada, soon to be known as “Seven Up!”

When the film aired in May 1964, the response startled him.

“Since then, in 2019, he told the Times,” it was very successful. This was the truth of the class system from the mouths of children, and shocked the whole country – people were ashamed of the divisions in English society over celluloid. ”

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