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Trump left the Nationals in the ’22 PGA Championship

KABALUA, Hawaii (AP) – The PGA cut ties with US President Donald Trump when he voted Sunday to withdraw from the New Jersey golf course next year for the PGA Championship.

The vote comes four days after Trump’s fuel riot in the nation’s capital, with Congress certifying the election victory of President-elect Joe Biden. This is the second time in five years that the US PGA has removed one of its events from the Trump course.

PGA President Jim Richardson says the board voted to exercise its right to “terminate the agreement” with the Trump Nation in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Seth Waugh, CEO of PGA in the United States, said in a telephone interview: “We are not in a political situation. How to best protect it? The tragic events of Wednesday gave us the impression that we could no longer hold it in Bedminster. The damage may have been irreparable. The real action is to get out. ”

The PGA of the United States, which has more than 29,000 golf professionals, signed a deal in 2014 with the Trump Nation, which mostly teaches the sport.

Trump National Los Angeles Golf Club The PGA Grand Slam of Golf was canceled in 2015 at the Trump National Los Angeles Golf Club. The event was canceled next spring.

Wednesday’s shocking uprising rocked the country, and in golf circles, the focus was quickly on whether America’s PGA would hold its premier championship – and one of golf’s four major championships – in Trump’s course in 2022.

“Our decision is not about speed and time,” Waugh said. “The most important thing for our team and leadership is to protect our brand and reputation, and the ability of our members to lead the development of the game through the many powerful projects they have in the community.”

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The Trump organization said in a statement, “The United States has a beautiful partnership with the PGA and is incredibly disappointed with their decision.”

“This is a breach of contract and they have no right to terminate the contract,” the statement said. “As an organization we have invested many, many millions of dollars in the 2022 PGA Championship at Bedminster’s Trump National Golf Club. We will promote the game of golf at every level and focus on running the best golf courses anywhere in the world. ”

Trump declined to say whether the US PGA expects any legal challenges from the organization.

Trump delivered a speech to his supporters in which he repeatedly made unsubstantiated allegations that the election had been stolen from him, urging them to “fight.”

They attacked US Capitol because lawmakers were involved in certifying the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. After forcibly entering, a violent mob looted the building and sent the frightened staff and legislators into hiding. Five people were killed, including a Capitol police officer.

A new one ABC News / Ipsos poll Sixty-seven percent of respondents said Trump deserved a “good amount” or a “major” charge of insurgency.

“It’s not because of any pressure we feel. We’ll not be pushed to a conclusion,” Waugh said. “We had to make a business decision. It is a permanent company. My job is to deliver it better than I can find. One hundred years from now, we want to be even more vibrant. ”

The PGA of the United States, which runs separately from the PGA tour and its first-week tournaments, previously hosted the 2017 Senior PGA Championship outside of Washington in Trump’s course. That same year the USGA hosted the US Women’s Open at Trump Nation in Bedminster.

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Trump owns one of the most beautiful links in the British Open cycle to “Duel in the Sun” between Tom Watson and Jack Nicholas in 1977. Turnbury also owns Durnberry in Scotland. Did not return.

He holds the Trump Dorale outside of Miami, a valuable stop on the PGA Tour schedule for many years and most recently a World Golf Championship site. Trump’s presence made it difficult to find a corporate sponsor, and the competition moved to Mexico in 2017.

Waugh said the U.S. PGA already had a team in New Jersey to begin work on selling these events to the public and local sponsorship. Now it’s about finding a place to play the PGA Championship, from 1916 to the following year.

The PGA is based on the island of Kia in South Carolina in May.

“We’ve already reached a lot of places,” Waugh said. “We think we have a few options.”