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Trump calls on Congress to approve $ 2,000 stimulus checks, pointing out that the Economic Relief Bill should not be signed into law without changes

On December 22, President Trump called for an amendment to the Corona virus relief bill to increase direct payments to individuals and other “waste products” (via Donald J. Trump on Twitter).

“I urge Congress to immediately remove the waste and unwanted items from this law and send me the appropriate bill, otherwise the next administration will have to deliver a relief package, maybe that administration will be me,” Trump said.

The 5,593-page bill was introduced Monday afternoon and then passed by the House and Senate in the evening. It passed Congress with broad bipartisan support, destroying the Senate by a 92-6 margin.

Trump aides have commented positively on this, but Trump has largely stayed away from the talks. Last week, he told some aides that he thought $ 600 trigger checks were too low and that they should be raised to $ 200,200 or $ 2,000, but assistants persuaded him not to interfere, saying it could ruin the whole set.

Some aides were shocked that Trump weighed in the way he did after his economic group publicly praised the bill.

But aides said executive officials negotiated with lawmakers in the final days without openly seeking Trump’s approval. He was largely distracted by the results of the presidential election.

An official said Trump has long wanted to make checks worth more than $ 600, and asked aides why a large number could not be accepted.

He released the video on Tuesday as many of his aides, including Mark Meadows, were already out of town.

“Very dumb,” an executive said. “So, very dumb.”

As the corona virus epidemic began to move rapidly across the United States in March, Congress passed a massive $ 2.2 trillion bill to mitigate and mitigate the economic impact. Many of the legislation’s laws were outdated throughout the year, and the recent increase in new cases – and the outcome of the November election – prompted a bipartisan coalition to demand a new bill. The move, which passed Congress on Monday night, includes $ 900 billion in new aid, $ 600 incentive checks, 11 weeks of unemployment assistance, small business assistance and a variety of other measures.

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Trump’s top economic advisers did not identify with his dissatisfaction with the bill. In fact, they suggested they were more than happy with the way the set was put together.

“I am pleased that Congress has passed an additional important economic relief for American workers, families and businesses on a grand two-party basis.” Munuchin tweeted Seven hours before Trump’s video was released.

Two congressional aides who were involved in the talks said they were completely unaware that the White House had any issues with the bill. On Sunday, Ben Williamson, a spokesman for White House Chief of Staff Mark Lawley, publicly said Trump supported the bill ahead of its release and would sign it.

The House and Senate passed the bill with such big margins that they might violate the veto if Trump tried to block the move. But that process can take weeks. And in that video, Trump did not explicitly say he would veto it. However, he was not involved in signing it into law.