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Transcript: President Trump’s phone call with Georgia election officials

Mark Meadows, White House CEO: So, Mr. President, if I can, if I can go inside, I’ll give Brad a chance. Mr. Secretary, One, frankly, we believe that not every vote counts as fair votes and legitimate votes. It contradicts the representation of the Secretary of State. What I can believe is that there are some ways we can, and we can find some sort of agreement to see this a little more fully. You know, President Fulton mentioned the county, but there seems to be a difference in where the facts go in some of these areas. Therefore, Mr. Secretary, in the sense of cooperation and compromise, I hope you know, may have had at least one discussion to look at some of these allegations. Case.

Rafensberger: Well, I noticed what the President said now. President Trump, we had many lawsuits, and we had to respond to lawsuits and controversies in court – we do not accept that you have one. We did not mention, I do not agree with the 200,000 number you mentioned. I go through that point by point. What we did was give our state senate an hour and a half, giving our time through the issue of the election. Then in the Government House, in the Government Affairs Committee, we gave them two and a half hours of our time and went backwards pointing out all the matters in dispute. A few days ago, we met our US Congressmen, Republicans, and gave them two hours of our time to talk about the last election. First of all what you said, what you talked about here, was primarily focused on, I believe this is a non-voting process, I do not believe you are really questioning the Dominion machines because we did a hand re-count, 1 percent of all ballots recalculate and compare what the machine said. It came to almost the same conclusion. Then we did a review. We have almost the same result. So, I think I can remove it from the table. I don’t think there’s an issue with that. What do you think –

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Trump: Well, Brad, Brad, is not that there is not a problem, but that we have a big problem with Dominion and other states, maybe yours. But we have, we do not feel we have to go there, you know, we can put a little different cycle in what Mark says. Mark meadows. Yes, I want to go further, but we don’t really need to. We have all the votes we need. You know, we won the state. If you take, these are very low numbers, the numbers I gave you. They are certified numbers, your ballots not sent to vacant addresses, yours, voters outside your state, 4,925.

You know, when you add them up, it’s many times more, which is 11,779 times the number. So we can move on. We did not go through your Dominion, so we cannot bless them. I mean, we think we found the biggest corruption with Dominion machines in other states, but we have to see. But, we lost the state by only 11 votes – by that number, 11,000 votes and 779. So, so to speak, with what we have. Also, with what we have, you know we give you minimal, minimal numbers, we make very conservative numbers. We have many times, many, many times above, the margin. So we don’t really have to, Mark – I don’t think we have to go through the machines, because what’s the difference between winning an election by two, two votes and half a million votes? I think it might have won half a mill – that is, one thing that happened, is Brad coming from Alabama and South Carolina and others from other states now? ‘It’s not possible you lost Georgia,’ he says. We won. You know, in Alabama, we had a record and got more votes than ever before. In Georgia, we won by a huge margin. And, they say, ‘Georgia could not have lost’.

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I can tell you through our rallies, I can tell you through the rally I take place on Monday night, that place, they already have rows of people waiting in front. Losing Georgia is unlikely. This is not possible. When I heard it was close, I said there was no way. But they dropped a lot of votes late at night, you know, Brad. That’s what we work very, very hard on. But regardless of those votes, after all, we lost by 11 to 11,000 votes. And many more votes have already been counted and certified. So I don’t know. You know, Mark, I don’t know what the purpose of this is. I would not give a pass to Dominion because we found so many bad things. But we don’t need Dominion or anything else. Based on all this, we have won this election in Georgia. There is nothing wrong with saying Brad. You know, that is, having, is perfect. The people of Georgia are angry, and these numbers are going to happen again and again on Monday night, along with others we are going to get at that time, they are very substantial, and the people of Georgia are angry, the people of the country are angry. 2,236 and no votes, that is, they were all correct numbers, they were made by accounting firms, law firms and so on because you know you counted again. If you cut ‘half’, cut ‘half’ and cut it in half again, it gets more votes than we need.

Rafensberger: Well, Mr. President, the challenge you have is that the data you have is incorrect. We, the Congressmen, talked and they were surprised. But they – I think, Mr. A person named Brinard came to these meetings and provided data, and he said there were dead, I believe it was over 5,000. The actual number is two. Two. Two of the dead voted. So, that’s wrong, it’s two.

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Trump: Well, Cleta, how would you respond to that? I mean, you tell me.

Cleta Mitchell, Trump Attorney: I will tell Mr. Secretary one of the things we requested, we did – what we said, if you look, read our petition, we took the names and years of birth, and we know you got some information from us. We have heard from your office the records you have only. So we said that there is a universe that died with the same name and the same year of birth. But we do not have the records you have, you should try one of the things we recommend regularly and informally on a weekly basis, you should make available to us the records needed to confirm –