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The White House has forced Georgia’s U.S. attorney general to resign

White House officials pushed for the resignation of Atlanta’s top federal attorney ahead of Georgia’s U.S. Senate elections because President Trump regretted that he was not enough to investigate the president’s unproven claims about presidential fraud, those familiar with the matter said.

On the orders of the White House, a senior judicial official, Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney Pyongyang, was fired. Bach was called late January night. In that call the officer Mr. Trump said he was angry. Election fraud and President Mr. People said Bach wanted to shoot.

Mr. Bach abruptly resigned on Monday, the day before the run – in an early morning email to colleagues, saying his departure was due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Mr. who had a job in the private sector. Bach, at the end of the administration, planned to leave and drew his resignation letter, according to those familiar with his plans.

Mr. On January 3, after a public call between Trump and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, Mr. Someone said that Bach had pushed the presidential official to overturn the November election results. Mr. When Bach was contacted on Sunday call, the White House indicated he should leave immediately, the person said.

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