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Tesla produced half a million electric cars in 2020

According to Tesla, these are initial numbers that vary by 0.5,000 “or more”.

Tesla is still small compared to the big brands. GM sold 7.7 million cars in its 2019 fiscal year, while the luxury-looking BMW was still able to sell more than 2.5 million. For now, at least, it remains the mainstay compared to its regular competitors.

The company is still growing rapidly, however, there is no doubt that Tesla is one of the most common EVs on the road. To the environment, G.M. Sold Just over 14,000 Chevy Bolts For Americans in the third quarter 2020. That gap will shrink EVs become major, Tesla has a clear head start.

Whether or not Tesla will be able to maintain its momentum in 2021 is another matter. This may be an incentive from the planned start Cybertruck Production later this year, no mention of such updates The ‘blade’ model s. The company said the Model Y numbers should now rise as its Shanghai factory began production of the crossover. With Myth $ 25,000 Tesla Many more years away, it should come as no surprise that growth slows as the company’s business matures – people are driving again, even if they hope to recover from the epidemic.

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