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Taylor Heinike believes his outrageous performance against the Buccaneers will keep him in Washington

The future of Taylor Heinick Washington Looks bright despite suffering a 31-23 loss against Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saturday night.

Heinick’s second NFL It started after it was announced Alex Smith Was out with a calf injury, but the young pro was not disappointed and could have caused a upset against the playoff player Tom Brady.

Buyers Hong vs Washington for improvement in the division circle for the first time sin 2002 season

Heinz did everything he could to keep Washington in the game. With 306 passing yards, a touchdown and interception he was 44 for 26, and led the team in quick yards with 46.

“I deserve to be in this league for a while longer,” Heinick said of his own performance after the game. ESPN. “I’m not playing on the other side. It’s not fun, it’s not fun like this.

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The quarterback situation in Washington this season is very fluid and has a history with head coach Ron Rivera Heinike, who could keep him there when he goes as a free agent next season.

“I love Ron and I want to be in Washington again,” he said NBC Games.

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When Rivera was head coach, Heinick was taken out of the fray in 2018 Carolina Panthers. He read the backup Cam Newton For six games and started in the 16th week Atlanta Falcons, Where he finished 33 of 57 passes, with one touchdown and three interceptions.

“It was brave,” Rivera Heinick said of the performance. “The young man got a chance.”

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