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Romney: Trump has a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to Russia

“The president has a blind spot when it comes to Russia, so you can expect this to be his response,” Romney told CNN’s Jack Tapper when asked about a tweet by Trump downplaying his secretary of state. State Assessment of Massive Hack.

“This is a great wake-up call for us. I think we need to reconsider our military and national security preparedness when it comes to cyberspace, because this is the war of the future and we hope we will have the strongest, largest nation on earth. We are as far as you can expect.” The Utah Republican Party added.

At least half a dozen federal organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber arm and agriculture, trade, energy and state departments, are now targeted for violations. Investigators are still trying to determine if any of the government data may have been accessed or stolen.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday He described the attack as “a very important attempt” and linked it directly to Russia. But the next day Trump, In his first public comments on the matter, A couple of tweets seemed to downplay those comments, suggesting “this could be China” without evidence. The president said last week that the attack was “a major threat” to public and private sector networks, but that “everything is under control”.

Romney similarly said that Cypriot puts the United States at risk and that the country should act harshly.

“What Russia has done has the potential to paralyze us in terms of our electricity, our water, our communications,” he told Tapper. “This is the same thing that one can do in a wartime system, so it’s extraordinarily dangerous. It’s not only an outrageous insult to our sovereignty and rhetoric, it is one that has to face a very strong response, such as important., But more or less with a cyber response.”

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Agent ‘not safe’

Chris Cripps, the former director of the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Organization, later told Tapper on the show that federal agencies were currently “not optimistic about security” and that one reason his ex-company did not find the hack soon was that some officials had not yet signed the bill to aggressively alienate opponents.

“There is a provision in the National Security Accreditation Act … it’s waiting for his signature at the President’s desk … this is Sisa, my old company, this is what we need to do to ensure that the authorities go out and hunt down these enemies really aggressively and look for the other side,” the former cyber leader said.

Trump, who Removed Krebs last month After he rejected the president’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, he lost the election to Joe Biden in recent weeks, commenting publicly only a few days after the cyber hack was reported.
The president held a meeting of the controversial Oval Office on Friday In it, his lawyer, Sidney Powell, and his client, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, along with some aides of Trump, were hotly contested back and forth with more outrageous recommendations about Powell and Flynn defeating the election.

Flynn had suggested last week that Trump could implement martial law as part of an effort to thwart the election, and during the meeting, White House aides pushed back the idea of ​​naming Powell as special adviser to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

Romney, a frequent critic of Trump, exploded Trump’s repeated attempts to invalidate election results.

“In many ways this is very sad and embarrassing because the last chapter of this administration could be written by the President in a successful lap regarding the vaccine,” Romney said in his CNN interview. New corona virus vaccines.

The story was updated on Sunday with additional details.

CNN’s Veronica Straculosco, Kevin Liptack, Jennifer Honsler and Nicki Robertson contributed to the report.