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Regardless of the explanation, Goldberg's Raw show didn't make any sense

Regardless of the explanation, Goldberg’s Raw show didn’t make any sense

A word on the papers he is the cause Offer the conclusion of the Goldberg offer From this week Raw He referenced comments that Drew McIntyre had not made due to a timing issue that prevented the WWE Champion from making it.

Producing live TV is tough, and things happen. The problem is that even if McIntyre said some things about Legends on hand for Legends Night so Goldberg could say he didn’t think he intended it, it would still be illogical and incorrect for what makes Bill a point of attraction.

As many have pointed out, if Goldberg was concerned about active wrestlers disrespecting myths, there’s another guy who spent the entire night doing it. Randy Orton didn’t go backstage on Monday just to insult Ric Flair, Big Show, and Mark Henry, for decades, he was known as Legend Killer. I guess killing is more respectful than … whatever Bill thinks Drew was doing?

We’ve also seen McIntyre defending veterans over and over again during his feud with Orton last year.

The explanation the champ was supposed to cut before Goldberg’s arrival would have been given, I believe, is that Hall of Famer’s speech was supposed to throw MacIntyre off his game. Drew holds those who preceded him in such high esteem that the existence of a legend question his sincerity would be devastating. That was the theory of the Great Scots / Conservation during the closing part of January 4.

Why, though?

The reason must be that everyone associates Goldberg’s disputes with how he used his microphone skills to distort his opponent’s minds, leading to a complex psychological warfare between him and his rivals. Oh wait, nobody wants to be from Goldberg.

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He may be 54 and almost broke the neck of Undertaker as he jerked out to grab propaganda cash for an authoritarian regime, but Goldberg still has charms. The appeal remains very simple, though: “You’re next!” , Spear, jackhammer, repeat.

Monday’s scene gets there too! There were no timing issues with the ring if it just came out, and he pointed to the belt with “I want” in his eyes. “Maybe in your start, old man, but not now,” says Drew, Goldberg pushes him down, smashing their heads together and spinning like two bulls as the show begins in the air. very easy.

There will still be complaints, but people who don’t want to see a match for the Goldberg title in 2021 (a group of fans I count myself among) are unlikely to be affected no matter what. Trying to justify his request complicates matters without changing anyone’s mind. I’d be interested to see an in-depth character arc about trying new tricks in a desperate attempt to prove that he can still get him stuck at the top of the card, but it’s not like WWE will make it happen. Month.

Reserve this thing, and find out if its magic brings back some old fans or lures some new fans, and I hope the match isn’t bad.

Fingers crossed Bill just one more date in his contract for this feud, and WWE texts like the first and last seconds of this without two minutes in between.

Then we can start to worry about a result Royal RumbleWWE Title match …

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