President Trump Pulling Out the ‘Deep State’ Roots

President Pulling Out the ‘Deep State’ Roots

Democrats are trying to eliminate civil liberties in America, and some Republican lawmakers are helping, even if it means convicting President Donald of a crime that he did not commit.

“The way they go after our rights is to first go after political enemies, establish precedence on the basis of the political enemies. Then that precedent lies around like a loaded gun and is used against anybody,”  Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said Saturday.

Professor Dershowitz referred to the Y 1966 movie “A Man for All Seasons,” when the protagonist, Sir Thomas More, said he would give the Devil the right of the law, but his opponent replied “‘if you knock down all the laws to get the Devil, the next thing that will happen is the devil will use that to come after you.‘”

“Now, Democrats and left wingers obviously think President Trump is the Devil, and they are prepared to eliminate civil liberties,” Professor Dershowitz said.

He pointed to the recent raids on the offices and home of a Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, noting that the Americans Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is praising the act and “parading the fact that the FBI gets to read potentially lawyer client information, because they want to get Trump.”

Professor Dershowitz added that there are many civil libertarians in the ACLU that “do not care about civil liberties.”

“All they care about is left wing, hard-left politics,” he said. “They use civil liberties as an excuse and as a justification. This is happening all over the country. When I was a kid it was the McCarthyites on the right trying to stop free speech on campus. Today it’s the left.”

Professor Dershowitz noted that there were protests against him recently at the University of Illinois, where he was speaking, because he supports Israel.

“Everybody is turning everything around now, and there is so much hypocrisy, and the ultimate victim is both truth and civil liberties,” he said.

Professor Dershowitz stressed that he’s not only critical about Democrats on the matter.

“I’m critical of Republicans who are yelling about Hillary Clinton, ‘lock her up,’ and trying to expand the criminal law to get her,” he said. “When they tried to impeach Bill Clinton that was a mistake. It’s always a mistake to expand the criminal law.”

We know that the liberal Deep State that lurks within our government is and always has been out to destroy President Trump and preventing him from making America great again.

We know for certain that Deep State elite lawmakers and bureaucrats fabricated the Russia hoax. And that President Trump and his Team are working overtime at up rooting the Deep State and making progress.

Stay vigilant, patriots, as some of the Republicans in DC cannot be trusted, keep your eyes on these 2:  Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Lindsey Graham R-SC) are at the core.