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Pelosi is preparing to vote for the speaker as the new Congress takes office

Sunday marks the inauguration of the 117th Congress, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, de-Khalif., Likely to win re-election despite a shrinking democratic majority.

Pelosi is running unopposed, but because Democrats have a smaller majority than the previous Congress, she can only skin a small number of lawmakers and choose to write someone else.

“Nancy Pelosi will be the next speaker of the House of Representatives,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries, DNY, told Fox News Sunday. “Speaker Pelosi has incredible enthusiasm because he has done that job.”

In a letter to colleagues on Sunday morning, Pelosi said the new Congress would convene “during extraordinary trouble.”

“Every one of our communities has been hit hard by epidemics and the economic crisis: 350,000 tragic deaths, more than 20 million epidemics, millions without jobs – an incomprehensible number,” he said. “Thank you for your generosity and patriotism in accepting this challenge for the people.”

“I am very grateful for the trust the members have in me,” he added. “I hope that today’s Speaker election will be a united Democratic Caucasus ready to face the challenges ahead.”

Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, voting for the speaker will have to be conducted in person – different from previous years. The members will be divided into separate groups rather than gathering all the elected representatives on the floor at the same time. This roll call vote is expected to take a few hours starting Sunday afternoon.

At least a handful of members will not vote, including Rep. Alci Hastings, D-Fla, and David Valadao, R-C., and Maria Elvira Salazar, R. -Fla., Recently tested positive for Govt-19.

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In a statement on Sunday afternoon, Dr. Brian Monahan, a attending physician in Congress, announced that he would set up a section upstairs in the House for members to be exposed to Govt-19, but those who tested the negative said they could vote separately, an isolated Capitol official said both Democrats and a Republican would use the option. It is not yet known which members do so.

“Extreme security has been put in place at this location, including separate ventilation and separate storage facilities for any member who uses Gallery 4,” Monahan said. “This action will only be required until proxy voting resumes as an option for vulnerable members.”

Pelosi won earlier votes for speaker on the 220 to 192 margin than House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and R-Khalif.

The senators also took office Sunday. Ceremonies mark the end of David Bertou’s term. Bertou left his Georgia seat vacant until he or Democrat challenger John Osoff was certified the winner of the Senate race that was widely seen in the state on Tuesday. Sen. Kelly Lofler, R-K., Faces a run on Tuesday, but he is in his seat by election because he was previously appointed to continue a term that does not expire on Sunday.

Following the inauguration, the Senate now has 51 Republican senators and 48 Democrats. If the Democrats dominate the Georgia race, the split will be 50-50, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris serving as the die-breaking vote, giving the Democrats a majority.

Alex Moe Contributed.