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Ohio wins Big Ten title as Texas A&M final lawsuit for college football playoff spot

Saturday concludes the conference championship schedule – in addition to other regular season games. Entering the day, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson and Ohio State College ranked in the top four in the football playoff rankings – Texas A&M in fifth place.

The top five spots have not changed since the College Football Playoff Committee began releasing its weekly rankings on November 24th.

The team will release its four-team playoff selection on Sunday (two weeks later than originally planned), playoff semi-final New Year’s Day, and the championship game on January 11.

But even as the top four teams get used to it, it’s far from a common season because the epidemic turned the game upside down, like many things, seemingly upside down.

What will this latest college football playoff look like during an epidemic? After selection day, CFP managing director Bill Hancock said the team would not be replaced if one of the four teams could not play due to Govt-19 concerns. ESPN Last month.

“Covid has changed all our lives, but it has not changed our ethics in the CFP,” college football playoff selection committee chairman Gary Barta said on Nov. 24. “We look at the winning / losing record of each team. We look at the strength of the schedule, the games played against common opponents, and ultimately the conference champions.”

This season, the team will evaluate teams that have played six games and 11 games – with conferences like the Big Ten starting in late October and conferences like the Pac-12 in early November. The Big 12, Southeastern Conference and Atlantic Coastal Conference began in September.

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Is No. 4 Ohio State Enough?

Ohio State is one of the teams that has played only six games. Under 22 players on Saturday, the Buckies defeated the 14th Northwest 22-10 from behind to win the Big Ten title.

With a score of 6-0, Ohio State, one of several projects facing Covid-19 problems this season, had to cancel its game against Illinois earlier this season, while the other two schools (Maryland and Michigan) had to cancel against the Buckeyes. Govt-19 Concerns.

& # 39;  Game & # 39;  Canceled for the first time in 100 years between the states of Michigan and Ohio

“I’m not going to talk about other teams because I think that’s enough to talk positively about our project,” Ohio state head coach Ryan Day told reporters Saturday. “But I will say this: if anyone in the country gets a chance to play in the same game, I’m going to take the Ohio State Bucks. I’m going to feel bad about this team.

Currently outscored, Texas A&M (8-1) lost 52-24 to Alabama alone. That loss prevented Aqees from reaching the SEC Championship game – a key part of the team. Alabama (10-0) face seventh-placed Florida (8-2) in the SEC title match on Saturday night.

“Seven straight SEC wins,” Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher said in his case after beating his team Tennessee 34-13 on Saturday. “Some schools have not even played seven games. They have won seven in a row at SEC and won eight in total. I do not care which league you belong to. I do not care what anyone else says. If you want to pick the best four teams, we are one of them.”

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The four teams could feature in the playoffs halfway through Saturday’s ACC title match between Clemson (9-1) and Notre Dame (10-0). Clemson’s only loss came in double overtime on the road against the fighting Irish – Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence was sidelined due to the Covit-19 protocol.

Can the Rose Bowl be held outside of California?

The playoff semifinals are set to take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana. But with California’s recent restrictions, using the iconic Rose Bowl site can be dangerous.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Hancock said he hoped the government would allow families to attend the Rose Bowl. If families are not allowed, Hancock has not given a timetable for when to make the decision to move that semi-final to another location.

“As far as the realities of 2020 are concerned, we always have the right to make decisions as late as possible,” Hancock said. “For example, what if the state of California is completely shut down and no games are allowed? So, we’ll keep an eye on the situation, but we plan to play that semifinal in the Rose Bowl.”

Can a group be denied a playoff spot if families are not allowed to attend?

“To be honest with you, I do not know if we can play in the playoffs if we can not have parents,” Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly told reporters Friday. Kelly backed Rose Bowl to move the semifinals elsewhere.

The national championship game is set to take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Garden, Florida.

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