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Los Angeles Film Critics Awards 2020: Winners List – Timeline

Members Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) Votes for their annual Best Movies on Sundays. The group will begin by discussing the winners in 14 categories, with one winner and two runners-up.

LAFCA named Steve McQueens Small ax Best Picture with Chloe Zhao Nomlandland Become a runner-up. Both films went to Zhao in the Best Director category, with McQueen taking second place.

Last year, Los Angeles critics finally knocked out the best film winner Parasite As its choice for the best film. The film’s director Pong Jun Ho won Best Director.

Other big winners will be included Promise to the young ladyS Gary Mulligan She won the Best Actress award when she was late Chadwick Boseman Received Best Actor for his role Black bottom of Ma Rainey.

The organization presented the New Generation Award to director, writer and star Radha Blank 40 year old version. Meanwhile, LAFCA rewarded Career Awards for 106-Year-Olds Hu Xiao-Hsien and Harry Belafonde Norman Lloyd received the inaugural Heritage Award.

Awards season with Corona virus infection is in stall mode, but New York Film Critics hopefully kicked things off on Friday Issuance of A24 The first cow As its best feature. The LAFCA voting date is too high on the table; Last year’s meeting was on December 8. The 2021 Oscars are April 25, the latest date for the festival, which has gone full of glory.

Read the full list of LAFCA winners below.

Excellent film

Winner: SMALL AX

Second Place: Nomtland

Best Director

Winner: Chloe Zhao, Nomtland

Second Place: Steve McQueen, Small X.

Best Actress

Winner: Gary Mulligan, Young Woman Voting

Second Place: Viola Davis, M.A. Rainey’s black bottom

Best Actor

Winner: Chadwick Bosman, M.A. Rainey’s black bottom

Second Place: Riz Ahmed, Metal Sound

Best Documentary

Winner: TIME

Second place: Collecting

Excellent screenplay

Winner: Emerald Fennel, Young Woman Voting

Second place: Eliza Hitman, not always

Excellent animation


Second Place: Soul

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Winner: Yoon Yu-jung, Minari

Second Place: Amanda Sefried, MANK

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Clin Durman, M.A. Rainey’s black bottom

Second Place: Milky Way, Metal Sound


Winner: Yorgos Lambrinos, father

Second Place: Gabriel Rhodes, TIME

Excellent product design

Winner: Donald Graham Burt, MANK

Second place: Sergei Ivanov, Beanpole

Best Music / Score

Winner: Soul

Second Place: Lovers Rock

Excellent cinematography

Winner: SMALL AX, Shapiro Kirschner

Second Place: Nomadland, Joshua James Richards

Best Foreign Language Film

Winner: Beanpole

Second place: Martin Eden

Douglas Edwards Experimental Film Award

Winner: John Gianvito’s social smile

New Generation Award

Winner: Radha Blank, The 40-Year-Old Edition

Career Achievement Award

Hu Xiao-Xian

Harry Belafonte

Legacy Award

Norman Lloyd

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