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Jeffrey Lowry: I expect Deuce Staley to be a candidate

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The Eagles fired Doug Peterson on Monday. Could Peterson’s replacement already be in their staff?

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lowry has developed the name of assistant head coach and running back coach Deuce Staley as a potential candidate.

“I expect Deuce Staley to be a candidate,” Lourie said. “He’s the best representative of the Eagles, he knows our values. I expect he will be part of the search.”

Staley, 45, played for the Eagles from 1997-2003 and joined the team’s coaching staff in 2011. He has worked on the staff of Andy Reid, Chip Kelly and Peterson.

The Eagles interviewed Staley for a leadership coaching job in 2016 before hiring Peterson. When the Eagles hired Mike Crowe, Staley was also a candidate for the post of attack coordinator before the 2018 season.

According to Rooney, the Eagles must interview at least two minority candidates before leaving for a job. Philadelphia has a black coach in its history, hiring Ray Rhodes in 1995.

“I think we are very open, with the mindset of making sure we have some of the best minority candidates in the search,” Lourie said. “This is very important for us and the league. It’s on the mind.”

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