Janelle Monáe May Be Mass-Producing Those Vagina Pants

 is thinking about mass-producing those iconic pants from her “Pynk”  — but sadly, they won’t come with your very own . 

“We may be working on that,” Monáe told  on Tuesday about the possibility of creating pink vulva pants for the masses. 

The video for “” — one of the first singles off of the Grammy-nominated singer’s third solo album, “” — made waves . It features neon “Pussy Power” signs, pro-pubic hair visuals and, of course, synchronized desert dancing in pants that resemble vaginas (yes, we realize vulva is technically the correct identifier).  

“I’m so tickled and honored that people are talking about the Pynk pants, I think that it’s so cool to have discussions around women’s issues and women’s bodies,” Monáe said. “I think it’s amazing.”

She told the outlet that she hopes the “Pynk” video can be a celebration of all women’s bodies ― including women who don’t have vaginas. 

“There are some women in the video that do not have on the pants, because I don’t believe that all women need to possess a vagina to be a woman,” Monáe said. “I have one I’m proud of it, but there’s a lot of policing and controlling that people are trying to have over our vaginas and when you think about female genital mutilation, when you think about all these women’s issues, I wanted to make sure we were discussing these issues but we were also celebrating each other.”

While promoting her album last month, Monáe . She told the magazine that she identifies with aspects of and bisexuality.  

“Being a queer black woman in America ― someone who has been in relationships with both men and women ― I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker,” she told Rolling Stone.

“I want young girls, young boys, nonbinary, gay, straight, queer people who are having a hard time dealing with their sexuality, dealing with feeling ostracized or bullied for just being their unique selves, to know that I see you,” she added. “This album is for you. Be proud.”

Janelle for (Pynk) president, people.