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Eagles players clash with Duck Peterson over decision to pull Jalan Hurts: Report

Doug Peterson found himself in hot water New York Giants Fans after touching an important game against Washington Sunday but Tuesday reports indicate that the head coach is now out with several people Philadelphia Eagles Organization and.

Sources said Philadelphia Investigator Two defenders had to retreat from a heated confrontation with Peterson, while center Jason Gells and another attacking starter ask why the starter approached the coach. Jalan Hertz The Eagles were pulled when only three were behind.

JOE JUDGE BLASTS EAGLES: ‘We will not do this for long as I am the head coach of the New York Giants’.

The Giants did their part over the weekend to try and secure a playoff spot, but they relied on the Eagles’ victory to lock it out. Peterson did nothing to help Hurdz, who ran to two touchdowns, pull in a third stringer to Nate Sutfeld in the late fourth quarter, not throwing a pass since 2018.

Sutfeld, not surprisingly, struggled – he threw an interception on his second pass and missed a stumble.

Philadelphia, avoiding building it, lost the game and, with that, ended New York’s chances of making the playoffs.

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Peterson supported his decision, arguing that he had long ago decided to give Sutfield field time, but was well known to several Giants members, including head coach Joe Judge.

“To insult everyone’s attempt to turn this season into a success for the National Football League, to go out there and insult the game without competing for 60 minutes and to do everything we can to help you beat those players, we will never do that until I am the head coach of the New York Giants,” the judge said Monday.

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Hurts was aware of the decision to play Sutfeld on Wednesday, but did not accept Peterson following suit considering the score. According to The Inquirer, the game’s NBC broadcast caught him saying, “That’s not right.”

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Sources told investigators that staff did not know who was really behind the decision to pull Hartz and that it could have something to do with the Eagles’ draft selection, which advanced from 9th to 6th place with a loss.

“As a competitor, I play to win,” Hertz told a post-game press conference. “You have to believe [Pederson’s plan]. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.