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Dow Jones Future: Trigger contract vote after stock market slump, Tesla S&P 500 plunges into launch; Apple, Ploton Rice Late

Dow Jones futures changed slightly on Monday, with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, with the House and Senate preparing to vote on an overnight stimulus deal. The stock market rally held a positive recovery from the losses of the morning.


After the close, workout-at-home leader Peloton (PTON) Said it would buy fitness equipment maker Breaker for $ 400 million. This will enable Peloton to release its cycles and treadmills, which have longer orders. Peloton shares rose 8.5% overnight. PTON stock rose 3.25% to 144.39 on Monday, hitting a new high and breaking 139.85. Buy point. It was part of a six-session, 23% run from the 50-day line for Peloton stock.

Amid fears of a new govt mutation in the UK, the stock market rally to sell began the week, which is said to be highly contagious. But early in the morning the key codes woke up again. The Dow Jones, S&P 500 Index, Apple Stock, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Neo (NIO), Lam Research (LRCX), Uber Technologies (UBER) And Snowflake (SNOW) Everyone got their support 21-day high-speed moving average.

Tesla (DSLA), Meanwhile, sold out at the launch of its S&P500. Friday follows a last-minute spike as index funds bought shares of Tesla. In more detail, DSLA shares exploded for 70% profit, the news that it will join the key index.

Tesla stock closes near session lows – and Apple (AAPL) At the peak of the session – Reuters reports in the afternoon, Apple plans to produce self-driving electric cars by 2024, with battery design “drastically” reducing costs and EV. Doug Field, a former DSLA employee, heads the secret project Titan.

Apple is a rare company with a better brand image than Tesla, while boasting of a star reputation for quality. While 2024 is a long way off, the current Tesla stock inflation considers sales for at least the next decade and a decisive battery margin.

For Apple, the report Megacop EV helps ride the stock waves. Apple shares advanced 2% in extended trading, signaling a move higher than last week’s rise.

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In the meantime, Perfect science (EXAS) An eruption Cup-with-handle base Monday illuminated buy signals late last week. Nike (Off) Destroyed a Tight times for three weeks After directing the last earnings shots late Friday. J.P. Morgan Chase (J.P.M.) And other large banks rallied as the Federal Reserve gave the green light to new share purchases. Such as genomics companies Crisper Therapeutics (CRSP) Rose.

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There are Apple, Tesla, AMD and Nike stock IPT Leaderboard. Uber role, proper science and lam research are included Swing Trader. There are AMD stock and LRCX stock IPD50.

Trigger contract vote

Congress leaders finally agreed to a trigger deal on Sunday. The House and Senate are ready to vote on the $ 900 billion relief package Monday afternoon or Tuesday night, with President Donald Trump expected to sign it soon. The stimulus package includes additional weekly unemployment benefits of $ 300, 600 direct checks for adult Americans, small business loan funds, assistance to airlines, expansion of green energy credits, and more. The economy, small businesses and families need to help the weather trigger deal over the next few months until the corona virus vaccines reach the majority of the population, allowing for full recovery.

The future of Dow Jones today

The Dow Jones futures fell a reasonable value against 0.3%. The S&P 500 futures are down 0.2%. The Nasdaq 100 futures raised a fraction. Apple shares are members of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Peloton stock recently joined the Nasdaq 100.

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Corona virus mutation

The UK has identified the most contagious goiter strain. This corona virus mutation is believed to increase covit cases in the London area. Southeastern England is completely locked up by the UK government. More than 40 countries have suspended travel to the UK, but the Govt mutation is already widespread. A UK government spokesman has said a mutated corona virus strain has been detected in Gibraltar, Denmark and Australia.

Patients with corona virus

Worldwide, the number of corona virus cases has reached 77.68 million. Covit-19 deaths are 1.7 million.

Corona virus cases in the United States have reached 18.45 million, with more than 326,000 deaths.

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Corona virus vaccine news

President-elect Joe Biden received the first dose of the Pfizer corona virus vaccine. Meanwhile, the first modern vaccine jobs started on Monday, a week later Pfizer (P.F.E.) Vaccines Launched in US European Pharmaceuticals Approves Pfizer Vaccine for Europe on Monday Modern (MRNA) Vaccinated in early January.

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Stock market rally

US Stock Exchange Today Overview

Index Logo Price Gain / Loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 30215.99 +36.94 +0.12
S&P500 (0 S & P5) 3694.94 -14.47 -0.39
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 12742.52 -13.12 -0.10
Russell 2000 (E.D.C.) 195.19 -0.15 -0.08
IPD50 (FFTY) 41.74 -0.02 -0.05
Last Updated: 4:08 PM ET 12/21/2020

The stock market rally started with losses on Monday as investors were worried about the new Govt mutation and related locks and travel bans. But stocks rose as a closed mix from intraday los.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.1% on Monday Stock market trading, Nike, J.P. Morgan and Goldman socks (G.S.). The S&P 500 index fell 0.4%. Nasdaq composite 0.1% lower. The Nasdaq recovered from its 10-day line on Monday, but the big cap Nasdaq 100 rose above its 21-day EMA.

The S&P 500 index lost slightly more ground than the Dow or Nostalgia as it revealed its travel and energy stocks. But the biggest loss on the S&P 500 was its new member. Tesla, the sixth-largest shareholder in the S&P 500, fell 6.5%. The electric-car leader is expected to be the largest operator in the country by 2020, with the S&P 500 announcing higher profits. Big DSLA Stock News – 5-to-1 split and S&P500 addition – Where is the DSLA stock going now, finally in the rearview mirror?

In the middle Best ETFs, Inventor IPD 50 ETF (FFTY) 0.1% lower, while inventor IPD Breakout Opportunities ETF (BOUT) 0.1% higher. Eyeshare Extended Technology-Software Sector ETF (IGV) 0.1% less. Vanic Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) Fell 0.5%, but returned from its 21-day EMA intraday, with major holdings such as AMD stock and LRCX.

21 day moving average

The 21 day moving average is a good place to see stock support and index support during the stock market rally. During the stock market rally from April to September, the Nasdaq held its 21-day moving average during its steep climb, with only a few tests. This is a good middle ground between the short 10-day line and the long 50-day line. IPT uses the 21-day high-speed moving average because it embraces it a little tighter: the most recent price move weighs more than the simple moving average.

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On Monday, Apple stock fell 2.5% to touch its 21-day high, but rallied for a gain of 1.2%. AMD stock lost 2.8%, but fell 5% intraday, reducing its 21-day low. Neo stock fell back to its 21-day high and then rose to a gain of 4.8%. Snowflake stock fell slightly off that key line and rose 4.7% again.

LRCX stock, which had retreated positively for more than two weeks, tested its 21-day range before recovering 0.5% in advance. Uber shares, which had found support in its 21-day line for a few days, retreated 3.6% intraday, but closed up 2.35%.

Investors can use the 21-day moving average as a line in the sand and hold growth stocks until they close below the 21-day EMA, during which time they can take full or partial profits.

Like LRCX, Uber or Neo stocks, there can be a 21 day tax to start or add a few stocks as a swing or position trade. But buying a 21-day line is more aggressive than using bullpacks in a 50-day / 10-week line.

Stock market rally analysis

So far in the post-election stock market rally, key indices have valued the 21-day line. It is a sign of strength. Some lateral action for the Nasdaq over several days will allow it to capture key averages and provide more space for stocks to operate without much risk of traction.

According to The big picture Every day the market direction and leading stocks and sectors must be in sync.

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