Dog attacked at Cherry beach, owners look for answers

The owners of a 10-year-old dog attacked by other dogs at Cherry beach over the weekend, want the owners of those animals to come forward and take responsibility.

On Sunday, Miguel Avila and Amy Waldman went for a walk with their dog, Fido, just outside the dog park at Cherry Beach. She says that at about 4:30 p.m., a “great big dog” bolted toward them.

“We just knew it was going to attack him. We began to scream,” Waldman said.

Waldman said that the dog that attacked, as well as the two other dogs owned by the same people, ended up rupturing the skin on Fido’s side. Avila was also bitten by one of the dogs.

They quickly rushed Fido to Toronto Central Animal Clinic. Veterinarians say the wounds were some of the worse they have seen from a dog bite.

“This one was very extensive because of the damage to the skin, lacerations and rupture on the skin,” Dr. Ahmad Badri said.

The owners of the dogs that allegedly attacked Fido did not cooperate, Waldman said.

“They just began to walk away. They would not give their names, their phone numbers. We were really traumatized.”

Waldman said there were leashes on the dogs, but the owners were not holding them.

“We want these dogs not to be able to do this to any other animal,” Waldman said. “What if we had a three year old child with us?”

Waldman and Avila are asking the owners to take responsibility for what happened.

The veterinarian bill for Fido’s treatment was about $1,400.

Toronto Animal Services is investigating the case.