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Did Lamar Jackson boop during the Ravens-Browns game?

Monday night The Ravens won 47-42, and despite many speculations, Lamar Jackson says he did not take the Browns to the Super Bowl.

In the fourth quarter, 23-year-old Jackson went to the locker room for what was described as “seizures” by the ESPN broadcast.

But Jackson’s sudden departure, captured by the broadcaster, led fans on social media to speculate that he should go two.

Jackson returned for a series, throwing to Marquez Brown in fourth, giving the Ravens a 42-35 lead with a 1:51 lead that eventually gave Baltimore a game-winning lead in the final minute.

“I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce,” Jackson said, adding that the former Boston Celtics star was taken to court in a wheelchair for an apparent bathroom break during the 2008 playoffs.

Instead, Jackson said, I ran to the locker room to seek treatment for seizures caused by cold and needed nerve fluids.

But before Jackson’s explanation, fans on Twitter ran with speculation.

His teammate and regular backup Robert Griffin III also added fuel to the fire.

After Cleveland then equalized, Jackson brought the Ravens back into the field and set Justin Tucker to the co-forward field goal with two seconds left. After a kickoff, consecutive sides and a defense the Ravens moved to 8-5, a game behind the 9-4 Browns.

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