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Chrissy Teigen releases new back tattoo of John Legend's lyrics

Chrissy Teigen releases new back tattoo of John Legend’s lyrics

Oh no no!

Chrissy Teigen showed off an exciting new back tattoo dedicated to husband John Legend on Instagram Tuesday.

The work of a famous tattoo artist Winter stone, The design says, “Ooooh laaaa” – inspired by Legend’s song, 42, that was written about his wife.

NSFW lyrics include, “It’s ooh-laa / This is the only music I want to hear / it’s,” “Ooh-laa” / Get a little louder, yell it into my ear, yeah / turn it, let it bounce some / up and down, I guess We found something / smacked, flipped it, rubbed it down / to the sound of, “Ooh-laa” / “Ooh-laa, ooh-laa.”

The legend was right on the side of 35-year-old Teigen when she got inked, she even sang the song to her. He also revealed that the first time he played the song for his wife was “in the bedroom,” because “we had to test it, and make sure it worked.”

“What a blessing to honor Chrissy with an ooh laa tattoo down her spine!” Winter Stone captioned a photo of the design. “John wrote her this sexy song, so it is natural for him to have a tattoo on her right? !!!”

Teigen has visited the artist’s studio more than once in the past. She got her first tattoo – The names of her husband and two children are Luna and MilesOn her arm – in 2019 and beyond They added their birthdatesWith her parents on her other arm.

In November, after revealing the loss of her devastating pregnancy, Teigen honored her late son, Jack Adding his name On her wrist.

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