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Chris Olev, Drew Chrisman, Baron Browning not available for Ohio State-Northwest Big Ten Championship

Ohio State will be without at least 14 scholarships this weekend, including its leading recipient.

Chris Olev, Jr. Whiteout, 36 receptions for 528 yards and five touchdowns in five games, headlined the list of buckies not available to the Northwest against Saturday’s Big Ten Championship game, which was released by the team 75 minutes before the scheduled noon kickoff.

Northwest Ohio State Level Report

Game End of Time

S. Marcus Hooker

Not available

P. Drew Chrisman
De Tyler Friday
By Javonde Jean-Baptiste
WR Jackson Smith-Engigba
R.P. Steel Chambers
S. Bryson Shaw
WR Jaylan Harris
L.P. Tommy Eisenberg
D. L. Jacob Cowan
S. Court Williams
CB Cameron Brown
Cory Rao
DT Site Hamdan
All Ryan Smith
L.P. Kate Kutchersky
QB Jagger Laro
D.P. Alex Taylor

Starters Baron Browning and Bunder Drew Chrisman will not be available for a shot to play for the Wild Gates because they have been included in the squad. Starting defense Marcus Hooker was listed as the end of a game time, but he did not participate in the warm-up and was not expected to play.

Wide receiver Jackson Smith-Enzigba, defensive end Tyler Friday, defensive end Javonde Jean-Baptiste, Steel Chambers, security Bryson Shaw, linebacker Tommy Eisenberg, wide receiver Jaylan Harris and quarterback Gunner Hawke are also available. They join Cornerback Cameron Brown and Defense Court Williams, who are not available as they continue their long-term recovery from injuries.

The team has confirmed that linebackers coach Al Washington and broad receivers coach Brian Hartline will not be in the game.

The status report, issued by the state of Ohio before each game, did not disclose any reason for absence or indicate the expected earnings date for any of the players listed as unavailable.

Note: Who are most players He sat down with the Dec. 5 game against Michigan State Are active for the Saturday slope with the Northwest. Five start-up attackers, including left-hander Thierry Munford, center-back Josh Myers and right-hander Nicholas Pettit-Freer, are good to go with striker Duff Borland, defender Josh Proctor and offensive defense Paris Johnson. None of them appeared in the Saturday morning status report, and they are all available to play.

Without Olev, Ohio State would have to open up a passing attack beyond him and Garrett Wilson, who has 70 of the team’s 107 receptions. Sophomore Jameson Williams and newcomer Julian Fleming, in particular, go on to play important roles for the Buckeyes. Justin Fields will definitely see their way often.

Justin Hilliard will replace Browning and become a full-time starter Sam Linebacker. If it doesn’t have Friday or Jean-Baptiste, defensive line coach Zack Harrison, Jonathan Cooper and Direk Smith will rotate the three men.

With Hooker unable to play, it is unclear how the Buckeyes will replace him. They may look to move Proctor to deeper defenses, giving Ronnie Hickman photos in two defensive looks. Being Shaw out restricts the choices of coaches Kerry Combs and Matt Barnes.

Not having Christian – who confirmed he tested positive for COVID-19 – pushed Sunder Hoover into a bigger spot. He is a senior hiker from Toledo.

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