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Browns Jarvis Laundry, Roshard Higgins, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Cadrell Hodge, PJ Gutson, Jacob Phillips Cowit-19 on the list and out of the Jets game

New York, N.J. -19 Balance in high-risk close contact.

One of the five players in the laundry – the first four recipients and one starting lineup player – was in close contact with Line Baker PJ Gutson, who was placed on the list on Saturday evening, tested positive for the virus.

All six players will have to sit down for a possible playoff-clinging game on Sunday against the 1-13 Jets, and Gutson will miss next week’s Sealer final against the Steelers because players who test positive must stay away from the team for at least 10 days.

Other recipients listed as Goodson’s most dangerous close associates are receivers Rashard Higgins, Cadrell Hodge, Donovan Peoples-Jones and linebacker Jacob Phillips.

In addition, the club has promoted receiver Zamarcus Bradley, striker Montreal Meinder and receiver Derrick Willis from the coaching staff. Marvin Hall, who was reportedly fired from Detroit on December 7, was the only receiver left on the list before the coaching-team call.

A source said the players were not celebrating Christmas together. League sources said the NFL has determined that the participation of other players and coaches is safe and that they are not yet at medical risk. Intimate contacts should be isolated for five days, and if they continue to test negative they may return on the sixth day, i.e. they may return to training on Thursday.

Browns thought they might be out of the woods when Jedrick Wills Jr., who was placed in close contact with someone outside the company on Thursday at the Govt-19 Reserve, was executed from the list and penciled back into his start. Venue for the game of jets.

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This game is huge for the Browns because they have a chance to win the first playoff spot in 18 years with a win and a defeat or tie to the Ravens, Dolphins or Golds.

Laundry, who has been unbeaten in his first 10 games with 29 receptions and three DDs in the last four weeks, has weighed in on the matter on social media.

“Announced,” he tweeted.

Browns must change laundry in his tracks and not only advance movements, they will lose his hand.

“I know he can throw the ball well,” attack coordinator Alex van Belt said Thursday. “I didn’t pay enough attention to his split against the runner type and tight coverage, rival catches and all that. He threw the right side against us a few years ago so I know he could throw it well.”

Higgins, one of Mayfield’s favorite goals, also regretted it.

“I don’t even have a cowboy,” he tweeted. “It’s sh! T sucks !!!”

When the Browns boarded their afternoon flight to New Jersey on Saturday morning, Goodson, a starting midfielder, was said to have tested positive. At that point, they closed the facility, held meetings, and delayed the flight at 2:45 p.m. They worked closely with the NFL on appropriate next stages.

Losing Goodson was a big blow because he is the head of the defensive trigger, leading the team with a professional high 91 block, and tied first with two interceptions. If the Browns beat the Jets and lose 11-3 to the Steelers 10-4 Golds, they will have a chance to beat the Browns in the final of the season for the first time since 1989.

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“PJ is doing a good job,” Stephensky said on Dec. 7, a day after he helped the Gutson Browns beat the Titans 41-35. “You ask him before you see him. He mobilizes comrades in practice and sports. ” ‘

With Gutson and Phillips out, Mac Wilson will get a chance to redeem himself after being benched last week, presumably performance. Phillips started in his place, but Wilson could be in service with either the midfielder or his usual weak side. Browns Malcolm Smith and Day Davis are also ready to step in.

When the contact finding message was successful, it could not have been so bad if Baker Mayfield had not been on the list. The lights have been playing in the last four weeks and the NFL has a rating of 99.4. Climbing to 12th in, Mayfield will have to rely heavily on his tight ends and running backs Nick Soup and Kareem Hunt.

In his last four games, Mayfield has thrown 10 touchdowns against an interception, finishing 70% of his pass and scoring 117.7.

Luckily for Mayfield, he will go against the injury-plagued Jets second, which includes second-team Rookie Cornerback, third-team defense and third-team Nickelback.

At 7 p.m., Browns left for New Jersey four hours and 15 minutes later than expected. By then, there were several empty seats on the plane, and the house had six key contributors.

The Corps will not be able to hold back until Thursday with a playoff berth or AFC North crown in the lineup against the Steelers. Players must constantly test negative for a return.

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To date, more than 25 individuals across the NFL have been identified as high-risk contacts.

Browns is already battling COVID-19 weekly with Miles Carrot through respiratory treatments and the lasting effects of the virus. He had a cough fit after last week’s 20-6 win over the Giants, hoping to stay close to his regular self by the playoffs.

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