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Bridgerton's Nicolas Coughlan Applause Critics of Variety Show

Bridgerton’s Nicolas Coughlan Applause Critics of Variety Show

Nicolas Coughlan Not here for any Bridgerton Ejaculation.

The actress, who portrays Penelope Featherington in the Netflix period drama, has taken to Twitter to speak with naysayers in his varied selection.

On Monday, January 4, Netflix’s queue tweeted, “For the first four weeks, Bridgerton It is expected to prosecute more than 63 million households, making it the fifth largest Netflix original series launched so far. “

The 33-year-old Actress is later retweet The post proudly added, “You know the way some people were like, ‘Variety in period drama doesn’t work’ … 63 million households thought it was like that.” [skull head emoji]. “

To double her point, Nicola followed her tweet by saying, “Remember people were trying to vote for the show on IMDB because it was so varied? You can’t vote on our being the 5th largest Netflix original ever.”

For those who haven’t seen the popular show yet, Shonda RhimesThe series produced is Based on a book series by Julia Quinn Set in high society in 1800s London.

Look Bridgerton Behind the scenes photos of the crew

In addition to Coghlan, the cast also includes an actor Reggie Jean Page As Simon, Duke of Hastings and actress Denifor’s vibe Like Daphne Bridgerton.

Bridgerton Fans echo Nicola’s feelings about the diversity of the show under her tweets. One user writingI liked the books and couldn’t wait for the show. I liked the way they built the story to talk about how important it was for Lady Danbury and Simon to be proud of what they had as POC and Mrs. D to tell Simon that it could be taken away. ”

else Adding, “It’s all about Bridgerton Ideal. It is a contemporary version of the Regency era. The music, the costumes, and the casting are all incredible things If I want historical accuracy, I can watch a documentary or go to a museum. “

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Bridgerton It was not officially picked for the second season, but fans are hoping Netflix will make that announcement soon.