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Apple is in talks with Hyundai for car production [Updated]

Apple plans to work with Hyundai Apple car, According to a report by the Korean site Korea Economic Daily.

Apple is reportedly in talks with Hyundai Motor Group to produce an ‘Apple car’. Apple is reportedly planning to work with Hyundai to produce electric vehicles and batteries due to the technology’s “enormous costs” and the necessary manufacturing facilities.

Many Pre-rumors It has been suggested that Apple will work with a production partner to produce the ‘Apple car’, but so far, there is no word on which manufacturer can partner with Apple. As the report mentions “negotiations”, an agreement has not yet been established, so Apple’s plans may change.

An ‘Apple Car’ report from today Bloomberg He said work on the project was still in its infancy and “nowhere near the production level” and nothing was mentioned about Hyundai. According to Bloomberg, It takes at least five to seven years to be ready to start an ‘Apple car’.

Update: In a statement CNBC, Hyundai Confident It is in discussions with Apple. “We understand that Apple is in discussions with various global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. As the discussion is in its infancy, nothing has been decided.”

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